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Leadership Arkansas County


Leaders are not born; they are developed. Unfortunately, many people do not realize this fact. We take for granted the future of our area by simply assuming that the appropriate leadership talent will emerge to guide us whenever we need it. There is no better program to serve as the training ground for our future leaders than Leadership Arkansas County. The keys to our future are knowledgeable and skilled leaders who have an awareness and understanding of all facets of our community, including government, business, education, recreation, utilities, infrastructure, housing, health care, and more.



Leadership Arkansas County seeks to develop community leaders by training and informing participants on a wide array of local public policy issues and concerns. In-depth training sessions focus on these issues, exploring their background, origin and present day-status. The program covers a full slate of topics including government, the area’s economy, education, hunting and tourism and much more. The sessions combine lectures, tours, dialogue and interaction between speakers and participants.


  • Strongly professed interest and commitment to serve the Arkansas County area beyond the training period.
  • Willingness to devote time to Leadership Arkansas County in terms of attendance and field projects during the program.
  • An occupational commitment to remain in the Arkansas County Region or little likelihood of transfer in the immediate future.
  • Community and/or civic service leadership as evidenced by the breadth and level of involvement in non-employment-related volunteer activities within the region or demonstration of interest in becoming more involved.
  • Demonstration of leadership skills and abilities on the job.
  • Demonstration of strong interpersonal skills and a tendency to be proactive on issues of concern to the community.
  • Ability to make a substantive contribution to the program, both in terms of issues and projects, as well as networking with peers.
  • Financial and time commitment of applicant’s employer or sponsoring organization for applicant to participate in Leadership Arkansas County.


The tuition fee for each participant selected is $500 and is payable in full upon acceptance to the class. Preference is given to members of the Chamber of Commerce.


Leadership Arkansas County is aimed at developing a network of competent leaders for present and future community needs. To meet this goal, Leadership ARCO seeks to: 1) help identify and motivate potential community leaders 2) provide educational experience that focuses on community issues & needs and 3) challenge participants to apply their talents throughout their community! It is our goal to help engage future community leaders and provide an avenue for participants to get involved.



The curriculum may vary slightly from class to class, but a typical year’s sessions are as follow:

  • Class Orientation/Retreat
  • State/County/City Government
  • Your Community
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Graduation


Leadership Arkansas County is a program of the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce.


An anonymous selection committee will give careful attention to choosing a class that represents a cross-section of the community and reflects its diversity with a balanced gender, race, socio-economic, and geographic representation that closely parallels the demographics of the area. Participants will be active in business, education, the arts, government, nonprofit, and community-based organizations.


A limited number of scholarships are available courtesy of Stuttgart Unlimited. Preference is given to members of the Chamber of Commerce.


Please contact the Chamber Office for applications. CLASS III applications will open Spring 2023.

Stuttgart Unlimited


Stuttgart Unlimited is an organization of business and professional people who are concerned with the economic and industrial growth of our area. Bound by a common belief that Stuttgart’s future is unlimited, a group of leaders began Stuttgart Unlimited in 2001 as a means to ensure the area’s economic growth.

Today, that effort continues with its members, each of whom contributes a range of $1,000 – $5,000 annually. SU works closely with the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce and the Stuttgart Industrial Development Corp. SU helped fund a new website for the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce. The websites and have played an important role in promoting Stuttgart to out of town visitors, as well as informing local residents of upcoming community events and activities.

For more information about Stuttgart Unlimited, call (870) 673-1602 or mail P.O. Box 1500, Stuttgart, AR 72160.